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Sladin Jokes Abound (WARNING: Immature Yaoi Jokes) :iconmidwinterain:Midwinterain 2 2
She sits on the edge of her bed, rage coursing through her veins like boiling syrup, burning her patience and setting her mind on fire. The soft yellow duvet crumples under her bone-white knuckles, digging into the mattress with her fingertips. Glaring at the wall, her jaw clenched, her eyes narrowed, a headache begins to throb at the front of her skull, her brain protesting the pressure that bombards it. Closing her fiery grey eyes, normally cold as stone but today aglow with the warmth of her fury, a long, exasperated sigh escapes between her teeth, hissing its way out into the frigid air.
All day, he's been getting on her nerves. From the moment he waltzed into her room early this morning, his face lit up with a bright cheery smile, his bubbly aura of happiness and energy had been grinding away at her, bit by bit, until finally she lashed out at him. A tinge of guilt flutters across her thoughts as she recalls the pain in his eyes, not understanding why she's yelling at him. Frustra
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Erin sat up in her bed, rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand. She looked out the window, wondering what had woken her up. Then she heard it the sound of someone singing.
Erin climbed out of her bed, putting on her slippers and dressing gown. Grabbing the torch she kept in her drawer, she quietly walked out of the house and followed the song.
Creeping past the gate at the end of her driveway, she walked down the path that led to the beach, her torch turned on so she didn't trip or step in something nasty. Her slippers making a crunching noise as she stepped on the sand, she stopped to pick up a scallop shell and froze.
Something sparkled in the distance, glittering in the light of the full moon. Erin stepped closer, her eyes wide as she realized what was shining. Whispering, she asked "Who are you?" The creature smiled. "I am Moontail."
Her sandy hair was long, her eyes blue as the sea. Her skin was as white as milk, and slightly blue as if she had sat out in the cold for too lo
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My Babies ^w^ by Midwinterain My Babies ^w^ :iconmidwinterain:Midwinterain 0 3 Ryou Bakura as... Limey Man!!! by Midwinterain Ryou Bakura as... Limey Man!!! :iconmidwinterain:Midwinterain 1 0
I never knew why you hated me so
To look at me and decide I would be the one
You would target
I didn't realize what you were doing
Until you had your claws into all of them
Changing their minds, their ideas
You were already too far gone
It all started when we were spinning
She fell and I went to help her
You accused me of pulling her hair
And that's the day it began
You sneered and snarled
Everything was my fault
If you fell
drew a bad picture
made a bad joke
laughed and no one else did
tripped while skipping
missed in dodgeball
struck out in baseball
You spun and snarled
Blaming it on me.
I tried to fight back
But I didn't know what to do
Turned to my parents
To my teachers
To the principal
To my friends
But your claws were in too deep.
My mother called me melodramatic
Told me not to be so pessimistic.
The teachers said I was being intolerant
Told me to be more understanding of others
My friends simply made excuses
And walked away.
Then you convinced them I was bullying you
:iconmidwinterain:Midwinterain 0 4
The Crow
I don't remember when it first appeared. Pity, it would have made a good story. I feels like it's always been there, waiting. Like a crow perched on your shoulder, smiling when you fail or mess up or do something regrettable. Laughing at your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, whispering doubts and worry into your head. The crow is fat. So bloody fat, it feels like it's a not a crow but a black feathered elephant sitting on your shoulder. The weight drags you down. You'd think you would get used to its oppressing weight, but no. Each day it gets harder. It gets bigger every day, until you walk around limping, weighed down on one side by that big, black, fat, vindictive, full of itself crow. A dog? As if. Dogs are loyal, sweet. Even the nasty ones just follow, or attack and then leave you alone. This crow is with you constantly, right there beside you. Weighing you down like a deep dark secret you can't share. Some days you get up and you just can't handle it. The crow's too fat, too om
:iconmidwinterain:Midwinterain 1 2
Violinist's Story Told In Song
One chilly afternoon in late autumn, I was browsing the stalls of a market in my hometown. The smell of freshly baked bread, coffee beans and hot chocolate drifted out of a cafe to one side of the market. I bought a few things - a book that had been recommended by a friend, an old album by a favourite artist of mine, a cute beanie with cat ears and a mirror in the shape of a flower I knew my little sister Cleo would love.
I was on my way home, the coffee warming my hands, when a long, high note reached my ears, stopping me in my tracks. Turning, I saw a woman standing next to the fountain, an electric violin in her hands. Curious, I went and stood in front of her. She was testing the strings, playing a round to warm up. I waited patiently, braving the cold in the chance she might be worth listening to.
Then she began playing, and I forgot the cold.
Her hands danced in the cold air, her green eyes burning as her bow flew across the strings like an Irish dancer hyped up on energy drinks.
:iconmidwinterain:Midwinterain 2 4
She ran through the trees, a crooked smile curling up one side of her lips. Her white waves flew behind her, fluttering in the wind of her own creation. Barefoot, she sped across the forest floor, reveling in the freedom of this moment. Birds scattered, startled by the silent, swift intruder upon their afternoon chatter. Deer fled, bounding away from the girl with a bow strapped to her side. A mountain lion watched her sleepily from it's den, disinterested in the human. Her eyes were a striking violet, gleaming out from her pale face, framed by long, white lashes. You could barely see her eyebrows, so close to her skin in color. She wore a loose white blouse that came to just above her knee over brown tights. Around her waist, just above her hips sat a belt, also brown. She wore silver bangles around her wrists, silver anklets around her ankles, and a silver chain around her neck. On the chain hung a silver pendant, in the shape of a full moon with a crescent moon on either side. On ea
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Cliona Eliad
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New Zealand
I'm that crazy creative freak everyone has in their group of friends. I get obsessed over anything that's remotely good, dye my hair about every two months, read far too many books, write all the time and draw a lot in the hopes I might get halfway good.

I'm a wiccan, a plague rat, a writer, an artist, and a human being, with all the flaws and eccentricities that come with that. :heart:


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